Building Future Ready Spaces


SEJAL Realty & Infrastructure Limited balances simplicity and lavishness across all its spaces by creating an environment that appeals to the senses, imagination and lifestyle of our customers across diverse segments. Enhancing lives is a cultural constant & we are committed to ensure that the experience is rewarding. Transforming local landscapes with global lifestyles & making living experiences refreshing and authentic is what we are devoted to. Envisioning every project and each minute detail in it is our forte.

We are formed with the sole objective to change the current landscape of Indian Infrastructure by focusing on re-development projects & to promote conservation of built and natural heritage in Mumbai Territory which needs to be protected, nourished and maintained to provide with fine lifestyle’s to every individual for conservation as an attitude in the city's urban development process.



We aim at transforming local landscapes with global lifestyles by addressing the quality real estate requirements.


To build a better community for a better tomorrow by consistently focusing on 'Quality & Innovation' and making living experiences refreshing and authentic.


The roadmap of our experience and achievements throughout the years.


Our motto is to develop urban heritage which would include architecturally significant and artisan works historical landmarks and living monuments having socio - cultural value not with the motive of profit.

Our alliance with the best from the industry helps us continuously keep ourselves abreast with changing global and national trends & create a positive impact on the society we live in.

Each Sejal project is conceived to offer value for a lifetime. This is ensured right from the inception of the project, which begins from meticulous site selection. A stepwise procedure is charted out by taking the minutest details into account, which is strictly adhered to and is constantly monitored at every stage by our team. The layout, landscaping, and labor execution, everything is taken care of with complete dedication from our team. The management is personally involved at every stage.

By partnering with the best, we continuously keep ourselves abreast with changing global and national trends. In order to achieve the scalability required to undertake large developments.

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